Early Childhood

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Early Childhood Program

Our Pre-SCHOOL Philosophy of Education
Our Pre-School philosophy is based on the developmental needs of the individual child. To a young child, this means TIME: time to look, time to grow, time to feel, to touch, to learn, and time to love. Early Childhood Education means children working together and making new friends through socialization. It is the joy of creative expression, the fun of experimentation and the pride in “doing it myself.” Our school is essentially based on an activity-centered environment and fosters a world of understanding and learning. An atmosphere is provided that allows for a balance of activities and empowers the child to make choices in the classroom at the appropriate time. This enables the teacher to take advantage of desire, interests and moments of readiness. The activity centers will include age appropriate materials for exploration in creative arts, number concepts, block building, science, language, social studies, etc…. We do not discriminate against anyone based on sex, race or religion. The curriculum includes language arts, math, science, social studies, and readiness activities. Children will also enjoy art, music, cooking, study of Jewish Holidays, Bible stories, computer and indoor & outdoor play. We are an academically based private school. Each child is treated as an individual. Close communication between the teacher, parents and director allows the child to feel a secure balance between home and school.


Camp Mah Tov was founded to grow happy children and satisfied parents with the desire to make our camp # 1! Our reputation for outstanding programming is well-known, offering fun, adventure and socialization for campers. Our experienced, loving staff emphasizes group interaction in a supportive environment. Weekly themes set the stage for activities and are enhanced through art, drama, cooking, crafts, music, Jewish heritage and a weekly Oneg Shabbat. All enjoy our outdoor and covered playgrounds, athletic field, sports and waterworks.

Contact Us at 954-722-9537



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